About Brightlight Salon

My Mission

Brightlight Salon's mission is to make it easier for the stay at home mom or the women who works from home to have an intimate and convenient place to get their hair done.  I'm a mom of 1 soon to be 2 and know how hard it can be to make time to get your hair done.  I take care of the women in my neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods that are craving connection and beauty while they are home during the day. Kids are welcome in my home.  I am also available for in-home house calls for a fee after our first initial appointment 

True Cuts and Color for YOU

As a licensened stylist for 13 years my longest standing clients are the ones who know what they love and are looking for someone to give them consistency with their true desired style.  It is my mission everytime to provide you with exactly what you want knowing that when you come back the next time that you can say "what you did last time was perfect, do that again!" and I WILL.  

Growing Relationships

Finding a new stylist that you can trust takes time, I always tell new clients that this is a relationship and that each time you come back I will ask you every time "What did like about your hair?  What didn't you not like about your hair?" The more honest you are faster we can get you exactly what you want.  We can hit it out of the park the first time or we may need a couple "hair dates" to figure out our groove.  But once we get dancing and speaking the same hair language it will be the easiest relationship you have in your life filled with trust, fun, joy and beauty!